Annual Compliances for Pvt. Ltd. Co.

Annual Compliances for Pvt. Ltd. Co. Registration

  • INR 5,000 /-
  • All Inclusive, No hidden Charges
  • One Time Compliances Quarterly Compliances
    Annual Return Filing Income Tax Return Filing
    Other Secretarial Compliance Maintenance of Statutory Records and Registers

Basic Plan

Compliance means filing of certain forms and information from time to time to central government as statutory requirement. It’s a combined word for all the filings that need to be done to keep your company in good standing with the government authorities.For a private limited company seeking to grow at a rapid pace, it is necessary that it stays clear of unnecessary legal paraphernalia. the compliance system ensures that there are no legal fines or penalties or for that matter work stoppages or lawsuits against the company. In certain cases it can all be sorted with a warning but when the issue is a graver one, the companies end up paying fines for not following the compliance.

Main reasons to annual compliances;
1. Improved Public Relations - Once a company has met all its legal obligations it can actually market it positively on websites or through ads. Managing the compliance brings good name to the company.
2. Employee retention-There are many compliance issues that deal with the benefit of the employees, some these even talk about protecting the employees. It becomes easy to retain the employees as the workforce of the company feels home in the company and strives to work for the betterment of the business and the product.
3. Smooth operations - Certain rules help more than they harm. Rules related to discrimination and harassment help create a better working environment for employees which can lead to better productivity. Also better security – financial as well physical – help employees provide more to the company.

Benefits of compliances:
1. Risk reduction – organisational as well as individual
2. Crisp and better organized framework
3. Better relationship between stakeholders
4. The more the transparency the better the business
5. Helps realize the mission of the company

1. Incorporation certificate
2. DSC

Collect Information & Work on it

Sharing of Draft

Review & Changes

Final Delivery

. Board Meetings. At least four board meetings need to be held in a year and at least one meeting needs to be held every quarter. . Annual General Meeting (AGM) . . Annual Filing of Forms. . Yearly Forms by Directors. . Maintenance of Statutory Register & Minutes Book

All types of companies including private limited company and one person company are required to obtain a tax audit every year, irrespective of annual turnover or capital. Also, maintenance of book of accounts is mandatory for company, irrespective of annual turnover.