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    Company Registration in just 15-20 Days

Produce has been defined as a produce of farmers arising from agriculture including animal husbandry, horticulture, floriculture, pisciculture, viticulture, forestry, forest products, re-vegetation, bee raising and farming plantation products: produce of persons engaged in hand-loom, handicraft and other cottage industries: by - products of such products; and products arising out of ancillary industries. The concept of Producer Companies was introduced in 2002 by incorporating a new Part IXA (section 581A to 581ZT).
Producer Company is a company registered under the Companies Act, 2013, which has the objective of production, harvesting, procurement, grading, pooling, handling, marketing, selling, and export of primary produce of the Members or import of goods or services for their benefit. Produce are things that have been produced or grown, especially by farming. Therefore, a Producer Company deals primarily with agriculture and post-harvest processing activities.
Over 85% of the Farmers in India are small and marginal farmers with land holdings of less than 2 hectares. This fragmentation in farmers and farm lands, leads to disorganization and it is not viable for Indian farmers to adopt the latest technologies. By organization of these farmers into producer companies, economies of scale can be unlocked and the livelihood of farmers can be improved. Thus the concept of Producer Company is aimed at empowering farmers by creating clusters of farmers organized as a Producer Company.

Required Documents for Producer Company Registration

For Directors/Shareholders
Copy of PAN Card
Identity Proof (Voter Card, Passport, Driving Licence)
Address Proof (Bank Statement, Mobile bill, Telephone bill, Electricity Bill)
Passport Size Photo
For Registered Office
Ownership Proof (Electricity Bill, Gas bill, Electricity Bill, Mobile Bill)

Receiving Documents & Apply, DIN & DSC 1-4 Days

Drafting MOA and AOA electronically in Spice MOA (INC-33) and Spice AOA (INC-34) 5-8 Days

Submission of Spice Form INC-32 along with link Form Spice MOA (INC-33) and Spice AOA (INC-34) 9 to 14 Days

Certificate Of Incorporation, PAN & TAN 15 to 20 Days

The formation and regulation of Producer Company is governed under the provisions of Sections 581A to 581ZL of Companies Act, 1956 and the rules made there under.

As the name of the Company ends with Producer Company Limited it seems to be a Public Company but as per clause (5) of the section 581C of Companies Act, 1956, on registration the Producer Company shall become a body corporate as if it is a Private Company and shall not under any circumstances deemed to be a Public Company.

As per section clause (1) of section 581C of the Companies Act, 1956, any one of the following combination can form a Producer Company: • Any ten or more individuals each of them being a producer • Or any two or more Producer Institutions • Or Combination of 10 or more individuals and Producer Institutions

As per Section 581P of the Companies Act, 1956, save as provided in section 581N, the Members who sign the memorandum and the articles may designate therein the Board of directors (not less than five) who shall govern the affairs of the Producer Company until the directors are elected in accordance with the provisions of this section.