The more brand recognition a company has, the more business it will have. Tax Advantages: A Company form of business enjoys more tax – deductible allowances redeemable against its profits. Easy Transferability: Shares of a company are freely and easily transferable providing more liquidity to its shareholders
Advantages are as follows:


Large Capital
Public Limited Company can raise a tremendous measure of capital as there is no maximum breaking point on the quantity of proprietors (investors) that an open restricted organization can have. So regardless of whether each investor contributes a little measure of cash still the organization can make an expansive capital base.

Growth Opportunities
As the organization has an expansive capital base development openings are likewise huge, particularly in the event of an open constrained organization. Indeed, even after the organization has started the business, if an open constrained organization requires increasingly capital, it can generally issue more offers.

Democratic Management
Public Limited Companies have an expansive number of investors. The organization is controlled by the Board of Directors. Furthermore, the Board of Directors is selected by the investors.

Limited Liability
The proprietors of Joint Stock Company have restricted obligation. In the event that the organization ends up wiped out/bankrupt and can't satisfy business liabilities bankrupt resources, the individual resources of the proprietors/investors can't be utilized to reimburse the liabilities of the organization.

Professional Management
Since Public restricted organizations approach extensive budgetary assets, it is feasible for an open constrained organization to select experts who are specialists in various regions. Accessibility of specialists of various zones results in better basic leadership and expanded proficiency in the task of business exercises

Perpetual Existence
Joint Stock Company has a different legitimate character from its proprietors. It has a different lawful status, which implies according to the law the business entity is not quite the same as its proprietors. Passing, Insolvency or Insanity of any of the proprietors doesn't result in the conclusion of the organization.

Transferability of Shares
Shares of an open constrained organization are recorded on the stock trade and are effectively transferable. An investor who needs to sell his/her offer can do as such through a stock trade

Economies of Large-Scale Operations
Since open constrained organizations have substantial scale activities, they appreciate economies of the scale (Low expense because of the high volume of business). They have a superior dealing power than other type of business associations.

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