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We are TechLopers, an SME in India, operating in the I.T. services industry, since 2013. We have grown annually by 97% in the past 2 yrs. We have a crew of professionals, who might be divided according to there area of work but united by one single moto i.e. “Smart, Swift And Super Work”.

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HBF Nidhi Limited is launched by Expert Finance Management team members, pioneer in the financial services Industry. We are recognized under Section 406 of the Companies Act 2013. We are operating under the supervision of Reserve Bank of India, We accept the deposits, within the framework of norms stipulated by RBI.

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Founders that focus on execution more than their idea. Will says, “I just don’t believe that there are that many unique ideas and that the uniqueness of your idea really isn’t that important.” A good team can execute on a mediocre idea and make it great, and make a great company. It’s all about execution.


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There's so much innovation going on, and there are lots of people funding that innovation, but there's very little innovation on that infrastructure for innovation itself, so we like to do that ourselves to help companies create more tech companies.
- Company Founder

StartUp Idea

A business idea is a concept that can be used for financial gain that is usually centered on a product or service that can be offered for money.

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A company, abbreviated as co., is a legal entity made up of an association of people, be they natural, for carrying on a commercial or industrial enterprise.

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Many entrepreneurs looking to commence a business get perplexed on the best source of funding to seek for their startup. With the many options there are, culling the ideal source of financing can be an inundating process; however, weighing the pros and cons of each source will avail you optate the ideal one to go ahead with. Listed below are some prevalent funding sources, with a concise explication of each that will avail simplify things for you :

This is the most appealing source of financing, because you use your own money to jumpstart your business and don’t owe anyone else in the process.
• You have total control of your business, and you may do as you gratify with your money.
• There’s this gratification that you are utilizing your own cash to fund the business.
• If the business fails, all the hard earned money that you had put into your savings will go to waste.
• You may miss out on otherwise valuable guidance and mentorship from angel investors and venture capitalists.
This type of funding has more to do with the relationship itself, rather than the assessment of a feasible business plan. The aim of this type of funding is to avail kick off a business to a point where it can seek and get other types of funding.
• More expeditious funding process and flexible payment methods.
• Family and friends provide the funding without assessing the viability of a business plan itself.
• Brings nothing to the table except for the initial capital investment.
This involves funding a business by taking scintillas of capital from an immensely colossal number of people, customarily via the cyber world. This type of funding makes utilization of the prodigious networks you’ve of your friends, family and colleagues via different gregarious platforms to get the word out about the business, with the goal of magnetizing incipient investors.
• Has the potential of expanding a business by getting a pool of investors who can avail raise money.
• Requires time and dedication before results may be realized.
Angel investors are affluent individuals who will provide funding in exchange for a portion of equity in the business. Some investors work in groups and screen deals together before providing funds, while most work on their own.
• Angel investors can offer valuable advice and guidance since they have experience in the industry you’re in.
• Flexible business terms.
• You may be coerced to give up control of your business to some extent.
Venture capitalists are investors who put in a considerable amount of funds in exchange for equity in the business, and get returns when the business goes public or is acquired by another company. Venture capitalists are all about the money, and only invest in businesses that have the potential of providing good returns on their investment
• Venture capitalists not only provide funding, but can offer expertise and mentorship to avail develop the business.
• Venture capital funding gives the business immediate credibility and opens other doors to a wide network of consequential individuals, such as future investors and partners.
• You may be coerced to give up an immensely colossal chunk of your business due to the consequential amount of funding provided.
Bank loans are a popular source of funding for many startups. Afore applying for a bank loan, it’s consequential to ascertain that you are well edified about the sundry options available, and the interest rates that come with each option. Pros:
• There are different funding options depending on your desiderata.
• The funding process is relatively expeditious if you qualify.
• You don’t have to give up control of your business.
• Requires a plethora of documentation, which can be tiring and time-consuming.
• You require inculcate yourself about the best option available for you; otherwise, you might end up culling a deal that will eventually hurt your business.
• The money has to be paid back whether the business prospers or not, failing which may lead to loss of your assets, if any.
This involves funding from a regime administration devoted to availing minute businesses to prosper. SBA’s avail minute businesses get capital and ascertains that a certain percentage of contracts are awarded to the diminutive businesses. Pros:
• Avails amend the relationship between lenders and borrowers.
• Incremented chances of obtaining a bank loan if the SBA loan is felicitously managed.
• Stringent qualification guidelines.
To avail the ideal funding source for your business, ascertain to review your financial needs, qualifications, and the exigency of financing. Some funding sources need certain requisites to be consummated afore you qualify. It’s thus consequential to ascertain you are well inculcated on the sundry options available to you, and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

The more brand recognition a company has, the more business it will have. Tax Advantages: A Company form of business enjoys more tax – deductible allowances redeemable against its profits. Easy Transferability: Shares of a company are freely and easily transferable providing more liquidity to its shareholders
Advantages are as follows:

Large Capital
Public Limited Company can raise a tremendous measure of capital as there is no maximum breaking point on the quantity of proprietors (investors) that an open restricted organization can have. So regardless of whether each investor contributes a little measure of cash still the organization can make an expansive capital base.
Growth Opportunities
As the organization has an expansive capital base development openings are likewise huge, particularly in the event of an open constrained organization. Indeed, even after the organization has started the business, if an open constrained organization requires increasingly capital, it can generally issue more offers.
Democratic Management
Public Limited Companies have an expansive number of investors. The organization is controlled by the Board of Directors. Furthermore, the Board of Directors is selected by the investors.
Limited Liability
The proprietors of Joint Stock Company have restricted obligation. In the event that the organization ends up wiped out/bankrupt and can't satisfy business liabilities bankrupt resources, the individual resources of the proprietors/investors can't be utilized to reimburse the liabilities of the organization.
Professional Management
Since Public restricted organizations approach extensive budgetary assets, it is feasible for an open constrained organization to select experts who are specialists in various regions. Accessibility of specialists of various zones results in better basic leadership and expanded proficiency in the task of business exercises
Perpetual Existence
Joint Stock Company has a different legitimate character from its proprietors. It has a different lawful status, which implies according to the law the business entity is not quite the same as its proprietors. Passing, Insolvency or Insanity of any of the proprietors doesn't result in the conclusion of the organization.
Transferability of Shares
Shares of an open constrained organization are recorded on the stock trade and are effectively transferable. An investor who needs to sell his/her offer can do as such through a stock trade
Economies of Large-Scale Operations
Since open constrained organizations have substantial scale activities, they appreciate economies of the scale (Low expense because of the high volume of business). They have a superior dealing power than other type of business associations.

India has accommodated a sustaining ground to various new companies in the previous couple of years however they are simply clones of Western thoughts. The absence of specialized advancement in India has prompted financial speculators confining subsidizing, bringing about moderate rot of business in India.

A report by IBM Institute for Business Value and Oxford Economics found that 90 percent Indian new businesses flop inside the initial five years, absence of advancement being the principle reason, News18 revealed.
India is struggling to become the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world but it is leading towards more unemployment, as more and more startups are getting shut down.
Another report suggested that the number of IT startups in the country has slumped to 800 in the first nine months of 2017 from over 6,000 in all of 2016.
Lack of uniqueness
The study, titled ‘Entrepreneurial India’, states that while the market evaluation of Indian startups has grown in the past four years, 77 percent of the venture capitalists believe they don’t have unique business models.
Rishabh Lawania, head of a market intelligence firm said, “Since 2015, as many as 1,503 startups have closed down in India. The major reason is due to the replication of Western business models, and not lack of subsequent funding from the investors.”
Logistics, e-commerce and food technology have seen the most number of failures.
India is a follower market, according to experts, despite artificial intelligence machine learning having been adopted in retail and banking.
India was among the bottom-most countries in terms of global innovation according to a global study. The report credited the failure in development to the bad condition of education in the country.
Ranking 66th on the Global Innovation Index (GII) list, it is believed that India can become a global driver of innovation because of its potential, talent pool and culture of innovation.
However, “relative weaknesses exist in the indicators for the business environment, education expenditures, new business environment and new business creations.”
A very clear indicator would be the number of international patents India has applied for. In 2015-16, India applied for 1,423 patents, while Japan’s count stood at 44,235, China at 29,846 and South Korea at 14,626.

India is the world's most youthful startup country as 72 percent of business visionaries here are under 35 years old. The normal time of startup originators is 28 years.
According to an ET survey, the number of students opting for jobs in startups and e-commerce companies grew from 1 in 9 from the 2013-2015 batch from 1 in 19 from 2012-2014 batch. Startups and e-commerce sectors are offering salaries up to 10-18 lakhs.

In 2014, the country had 3100 startups and is expected to see 11500+ startups by the year 2020. In 2014, startup ecosystem employed about 65000+ people. This number is expected to rise to 250,000 in 2020.

90% of the startup activity in India seems to be happening in top 6 cities of Bangalore (28 per cent), Delhi-NCR (24 per cent), Mumbai (15 per cent), Hyderabad (8 per cent), Pune (6 per cent) and Chennai (6 per cent).Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Jaipur and Thiruvananthapuram are dominant as the next emerging startup locations.

Around 62% of start-up founders in Bengaluru have a prior technical background.13% of the founders are those who have absolutely no prior work experience.

And the last one :-
With 4X rise in the amount of funding, a total of $2.256 Billion (Rs.14,228 crores) of venture investment was made in Bengaluru last year. By this Bengaluru is now the 7th Biggest Investment destination in Asia.


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The information provided in respect of company are based on dear published finanacial results dually rechecked by our team of experts. The investment in stock of any of these companies is subject to normal investment risk. The HBF Direct Ltd. does not owe any responsibility in respect of decision taken by investors, therefore investors are advised to verify and go through available information in other channel like MCA etc.

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