HBF NIDHI LIMITED, a public limited company, was incorporated in 2017, recognizing the prevalent gap in addressing the basic functionality of banking to inculcate the habits of “Thrift Saving”. In line with the growing aspiration of a resurgent and developing economy of India and with the focus of financial inclusivity of the population by the present economic outlook, HBF Nidhi Limited aspires to address this opportunity with its innovative products and services.
Our business model stands on the principles of transacting within members of the Nidhi company. We accept deposits from lend credit to our members and thus inculcate the habit of savings among the masses and also provide credit at lower costs than traditional banks.
We are recognized under Section 406 of the Companies Act 2013, and ratified, Under Nidhi Act 2014, by the Hon’ble Parliament of India, are also known as Permanent Fund, Benefit Fund, and Mutual Benefit Banking. HBF Nidhi Limited is authorized to accept deposits and lend money between the members, making the core business to be of borrowing and lending as a basic banking between members. We are regulated by Ministry of Corporate Affairs as a public limited company. Reserve Bank of India is empowered to issue directions to them in matters relating to their deposit acceptance activities as stipulated in the Act, however, in recognition of the fact that these companies deal with their shareholder-members only. We accept the deposits, within the framework of norms stipulated by RBI, the funds mobilized are utilized for the advance of secured loan to the members only.
The Company is bound by the guiding principles of honesty, sincerity, transparency, security, confidence and service and is constantly evolving with innovative and progressive products and services. The Company provides wide range of financial products with competitive rates of interest and with different features to suit the investment and financial needs of individual Members within the ambit of Nidhi Guidelines.
Our Company has completed One year of its operations and so far our journey has been very impressive. Within a short span of time, the Company could establish its own identity and in the coming years in its expansion phase, the Company shall be opening new deposit/collection centres, branches. Professional Management and a dedicated team of staff members in fully computerized environment ensure high competence and performance at all levels.
We work along with mutual benefit concept so that, we always take care of our shareholders and ensure they should be profitable.


  • Savings Account

    HBF NIDHI LTD offers an attractive savings account to our members with interest rate of up to 6%. We offer this savings account facility to our members where banking service/solution are not easy for senior citizen, ladies & others.

  • Deposits

    We provide Attractive & Assured Returns on our Deposits. Term fixed deposits are available in both varieties of Fixed and Recurring and with attractive compounding benefits.

  • Loans

    HBF Nidhi provides Loan against Gold, Loan against insurance, Loan against property & others
  • Lockers

    We will provide locker facilities like banks and NBFCs.