DOT-IP-2 Licence

DOT-IP-2 Licence Registration

  • INR 39,999 /-
  • All Inclusive, No hidden Charges

Basic Plan

Can you imagine any sort of BPO or any other OSP (Other Services Provider) without a proper internet access? You can’t, can you?

Therefore, there are infrastructure providers who lease/ sell/ trade/ rent out end to end bandwidth digital transmission to carry messages.

However, if you want to be such an infrastructure provider, you need to have the right license for it. Therefore, the DOT IP 2 license exists.

Required Documents for DOT-IP-2 License Registration:
. The PAN card of the company
. The certification of incorporation of the company
. Memorandum of Association and Article of association
. Proof of how you are capable to provide such infrastructure
. List of the directors of the company along with a list that details the shareholders of the company
. The governmental fees association with this application

Instructions regarding Telecom Resources issued to all OSPs

The format of annual return to be submitted by the registered OSP

Registration of OSPs and Telemarketers is done by the respective Telecom Enforcement, Resource and Monitoring (TERM) Cells

Submit the application for registration.

Those OSPs who do not submit the annual return for consecutive three years will be put in the dormant list and their registration will be canceled after keeping them for two years in the dormant list.

OSP providing the application services within national boundaries is known as Domestic OSP. Whereas, OSP providing application services beyond national boundaries is known as International OSP. Interconnectivity is not allowed between them.