How to Start a Brick Manufacturing Business

Overview of Cement Brick Industry

India has the second largest brick industry in the world following China. Over the years, the brick industry has massively outgrown and thus, become a feasible option for aspiring entrepreneurs. Unlike other industries, the brick manufacturing industry is promising but it is comparatively unorganized and more competitive. In spite of that, the brick and block industry continues to grow, and will certainly multiply in the coming future.  

Growth Prospects in The Indian Brick and Block Industry

Since the investment in cement bricks business in India is low, thus many people aspire to start a brick manufacturing business. Further, the sector is less affected by market fluctuations and is the most required material to physically establish an edifice.

India Bricks and Blocks Market to 2021 – Focus on AAC Block Segment states, India is the second largest brick manufacturer in the world after China. Indian brick industry is almost entirely unorganized and characterized by the presence of a large number of small-scale manufacturers which compete with one another at the regional level. Bricks industry in India has recorded considerable growth over the past few years, driven by the growth in infrastructure and construction activities. Moreover, India’s rising population, increase in per capita income, improved economic growth, industrialization and rapid urbanization has augmented the growth prospects of blocks and bricks industry.

How to Start a Brick Making Business

The brick making business alike other manufacturing business undergoes various processes to get its products manufactured. To get the business off the ground, learn the effective ways to establish it without losing direction.

Create a business plan

A business plan is an utmost need while establishing a company. Keeping this mind, one needs to prepare a comprehensive business plan which is inclusive of marketing strategy, modus operandi, employment plan and monetary plan. All these strategies are important to cover in the business plan so as to clarify the company’s objectives.

Brick–making equipment

Presently, the brick manufacturing industry massively employs machines to manufacture cement bricks. In India, the brick manufacturing companies mainly use two types of products that are.

Stationery block making machine – this machinery forms more than one brick on the pallets.

Egg layer machine- this machinery forms brick on the concrete slab.

Location of the business

Selecting an appropriate location for the business is the most important part of the process. While assessing the location, look for the size and amount of the open space needed for the business. The brick manufacturing requires an enormous space to store the raw material as well as persevere the internal temperature to get arisen by the heat of the furnace. Thus, choose a large, secluded place to establish the cement brick manufacturing business.

Consider these aspects while commencing the endeavour in the brick industry.  

Look for Customers

When everything is all set, this is now the time for you to look for the customers for your business. Usually, your customers here are those possible homeowners who want to establish their new houses, commercial property owners and other people who want to create buildings and establishments. If you plan to target big time customers, you can offer them proposal. Include some promos in order to obtain their trust and take advantage of your business proposal. Do the right marketing approach in order to collect the right numbers of customers you need.

Search for Workers

The next thing you need to do is to look for workers who will make the cement bricks. Usually, you need to look for people with knowledge about construction. They are also the people who are aware on how to make cement bricks. Aside from that, look for workers who are just near you. This allows you to call them immediately in case there are urgent orders from your clients. Depending on the size of the business you want to actualize, see to it that you hire the right number of staff you need.


The process of manufacture of cement concrete hollow blocks involves the

following 5 stages.


IS 2185 (Part 1): 2005 Indian Standard: Concrete Masonry Units – Specification (Part 1) Hollow and Solid Concrete Blocks (Third Revision) 6

The above standard specifies requirements for these parameters: dimensions, grades of hollow blocks, blocks density, compressive strength, water absorption, drying shrinkage, and moisture movement

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