Leadership Development is the core of every business. Identifying the potential of your key resources and mentoring them to the leadership positions is an important HR function that contributes to Organization Growth and Success.


Succession Planning is a lengthy and time consuming process. It is more of a Preparation towards a Successful Business model.


The ability to match the right person to the right future job is often difficult, due to constantly shifting variables such as employee outgoing-incoming flux. How can HR’s role in succession planning be made more effective? How can the succession planning process be improved to see better results?


Successful Execution and Implementation undergoes a step by step approach:


  1. Recruitment Strategies focused on hiring Quality Professionals


The key successful recruitment strategy is to resist the temptation to omit steps, because short cutting the process can short change your results. Here's what you'll need to do:


  • Develop accurate job descriptions- Your first step is to make sure that the job description is in line with the Business requirement highlighting the skill sets required, the personality attributes that are important to complete their tasks, and any relevant experience that would differentiate one applicant from another.
  • Draft and Post the ad, describing the position and the key qualifications required. This is important to filter the right candidate suitable for the requirement.
  • Candidate Screening- Narrow down your search by filtering the candidates based on their skills, personality, education, experience etc. Conduct telephonic interviews for initial screening.
  • Assess your potential candidates for their skills and attributes using a proven assessment tool.


  1. Identify Potential Leaders


It is our job to identify potential leaders who can take up leadership positions in near future, to map their skills and abilities and identify their competencies to develop a career development Plan.


  1. Identify Business Critical Roles and its impact


What if, due to certain circumstances, the key professional leaves the organization? This is something an HR needs to be prepared for as this can impact the overall Business Big Time.

Initiatives like Mentorship Program or a Buddy program can help the organization’s plan a replacement or back up of such key professionals.


  1. Quality Evaluation Programs


  • KRA based Performance Management System.
  • Objective and Measurable Goals and Objective.
  • Identification of Top Performers.
  • Coaching and Mentoring to Successful Successors.


Whether Big or Small every organization must practice succession planning.

Suggestions to start Succession planning in your Organization:


  1. Keep an Open eye on your Key Performers.
  2. Make the Vision Known to Everyone.
  3. Develop a Business Oriented Mindset.
  4. Create an Environment of Learning and Development
  5. Actively work upon Retention Strategies.
  6. Align Individual Goals to Organizational Goals.
  7. Connect Individual’s KRAs with the Company Vision.
  8. Regular Feedback on performance.


About the Author Neha Gupta Vishnoi

Ambitious and result-driven HR Professional with 12+ yrs of experience in various gamuts of HR : Strategic HR Business Partner, Talent Retention and Engagement, Talent Acquisition, C&B, Performance Management, Change Management

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